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Cute Photography Idea: Families in Matching Pajamas

Families require a lot of time and effort to build. This means that the family has to look for ways to keep things lively and spiced up. One way of doing this would be for the family to demonstrate its unity. This can easily be done using matching attires.

Pajamas are the easiest way to develop that the family sticks together. This works especially great if the family has young kids. Children always appreciate and remember the time when a parent makes an effort to come up with something special.

These memories are what bind a family together. Even when a family is not able to spend long hours together, they can always make a cute photo together. Before choosing to wear matching pajamas, one needs to consider the composition of the family.

The photo session in matching pajamas is intended to be a fun event. As such, it does not make sense when some of the people in the photo are not smiling. For instance, if one has teenage children, some of them may be opposed to wearing pink pajamas. They may view this as a source of shame for them in future. In addition, if the photos were posted online, it could lead to years of ridicule

As the decision to buy pajamas for the entire family needs to be well thought out. For instance, the pajamas do not have to be completely matching. They could come in different colors such as pink or blue but with similar patterns. This will still give the desired effect. In addition, everyone will be able to wear a genuine smile.

Matching pajamas (like the ones from Snugglenado) need to be preserved for special occasions. For instance, the family can look for Christmas themed pajamas during the morning of Christmas. These can be used to make memorable photos of a happy Christmas morning. Another great time to have matching pajamas would be during Easter or thanksgiving. The holidays always tend to bring the best out of people.

Otherwise, getting people into matching pajamas might be too hectic on a school night for instance. As such, it needs to be something that is planned for at least a week or two. For instance, if the pajamas turn out to be too small, one can have them changed. This will make for an excellent photo shoot, which can be used to make greetings cards.

Hiring a professional photograph is a good idea. It helps ensure that all the photos come out as intended. In addition, one should take as many photos as possible. This will avoid any embarrassing goofs, which will make the entire photo comical. It is also important to watch out for the kids. Young children, especially boys have a tendency to make odd gestures in family photos. These need to be looked out for and corrected immediately.

Matching pajamas for a photo shoot for the family are a great idea to kick off the holiday. They demonstrate a show of unity that is hard to express any other way. Furthermore, it helps to strengthen families.

What Is Solar Powered Photography (Or Sunography)?

Anna_Atkins_algae_cyanotypeThe use of sunography has been in use since the nineteenth century. In fact, the process was the forerunner to modern photography. Anna Atkin, who was a photographer in her time, made the process popular in the year 1842.

In order to be successful at sunography, one needs a lot of sunshine. This is because the entire process revolves around the use of light sensitive material applied on a paper. The paper is made of cotton and can be quite exciting to work with. One has to be careful how to store this paper. There should not be any exposure to sunlight unless it is being used.

Another key requirement in sunography is transparency paper. This material is used to create the images on the sunography paper. The images that one wants to be replicated should be printed in black on the transparency paper. Alternatively, one may use other materials such as leaves or other objects to create beautiful impressions.

The transparency paper, with the black images, is placed on the sunography paper. It is then left out in bright sunlight for about fifteen minutes. In order to ensure an image with well-defined edges, the sunography paper should be taped to the surface where it is placed. This will ensure a sharp image exactly as one wanted it to appear.

After exposure to sunlight, the sunography paper should be placed in a container full of water and rinsed. This is possible because of the light sensitive material that coats its surface. The process should be done delicately, taking care not to crumple the sunography paper. After a while, an impression of the image desired will begin to appear on the sunography paper.

The paper should be left to dry so that the image becomes more defined. Drying of the paper takes place indoors and not out in the sun. It is a great way to create beautiful art pieces.

While sunography is no longer a common practice, we still utilize the sun in more ways than ever including solar powering our homes. Not only is the sun beneficial to photography, but it is beenficial to our entire way of living. Solar planels for the home or RV from Talco Electronics are one way that your average American is utilizing the sun to their benefit, photos or not!

How Quadcopters & Drones Are Being Used in Photography

The quadcopter is a four-rotor device that is operated by a person from a ground-based position. This is through a console with a number of joysticks and buttons. The technology has come a long way and it is now to carry increasingly bigger payloads such as cameras. One can even fix a GoPro onto their quadcopter.

Benefits of a Quadcopter

One of the major benefits is that they are much easier to operate than helicopters. The helicopters drones have many complex mechanisms inside. This makes it very hard to stabilize the device flight, which can lead to constant accidents. Additionally, if the helicopter were to crash, repairs can be very expensive. A quadcopter uses very few parts and if it crashes, the spare parts are readily available.

Quadcopters and Photography

photography-dronePreviously, it was very difficult to take photos with helicopter drones. The drones were shaky and operating them was quite difficult. However, quadcopters are quite stable and taking photos using them is an easy task. The photos taken using these devices are unique and can be sold for some good money. However, there are currently some strict regulations against some of these devices being used for commercial purposes. One should check the regulations in their area before using one of these quadcopters.

Despite the restrictions, quadcopters can still be sued for taking some amazing photos for personal use. There are many quadcopters with cameras on this website. The resulting aerial shots are something to behold. The number of shots that the quadcopters make possible is amazing. During evenings, one should take care not to cause incidents from flying birds or other aircraft.

Use of Gimbals for Stabilization

droneIn order to take more stable shots with a quadcopter, one can always use a gimbal. This is a device that is fitted to the quadcopter and a GoPro or other camera attached. This helps to take better photos by compensating for the shaking of the quadcopter. This can lead to some amazing shots from a high point of view.

Another innovation in the use of quadcopters for photography is First Person View (FPV). This allows one to view the exactly what the camera on the quadcopter is seeing. This can allow one to take better shots of the scenery.

When using a quadcopter for photography, a few things need to be taken into consideration. For one, make sure to watch the weather report. Gusty weather is not the best for using a quadcopter. In addition, look for open spaces where there is no abstraction.

Tips to Photograph Coffee Like a Pro

Some of the best photos in the world are those of coffee. However getting these perfect shots is not small tasks. It requires that one adhere to a certain number of rules to make the entire shot worthwhile. With a few tips, one should find that they take awesome, click-worthy photos for their coffee site.

Use Quality Coffee Beans

The best beans to use are those that have just recently been roasted and sealed. These beans will usually have an oily sheen, which looks awesome in a photo. If one were unable to find fresh coffee beans, it would be a good idea to improvise. However, it would not be advisable to consume coffee beans covered in cooking oil for instance.

Hygiene First

This is another very important aspect of taking professional photos. The general area where the photos will be taken should be sparkling clean. This will usually include the coffee cups. If the coffee cups are dirty or there just slight smudges on the kitchen table, it will ruin the entire shot. It is advisable for one to use new cups for the shoot if it is possible.

Visibility: Reduce All Distractions

This is another important point to remember when taking photos of coffee. The background should not be distracting to the photo shoot. It is important to remember that it is about taking photos of the coffee, not anything else. For instance, when taking photos of a cup of coffee, the cup should be of a white color. This creates the contrast that makes the coffee more visible. In addition, avoid other possible distractions in the background.

Don’t Forget the Steam

This is another awesome aspect of taking coffee photos. However, getting the perfect shot is not very easy. One needs to make sure that they set a background with a good contrast so that the steam is visible. In addition, one needs to use a lens with the shutter speed slightly delayed. This produces the perfect dreamy image of steaming coffee. The coffee should be made of boiling water although t would not be advisable to attempt and drink such a cup.

If you are having trouble getting steam from your cup of coffee, be sure that you are using the best coffee equipment possible for brewing. A great place to buy the best espresso machines is Anodyne Coffeehouse.

Brush Up on Your Coffee Knowledge

If possible, one may arrange for a barista to come in for the official coffee photo-shoot. However, if it is not possible, one should gather as much information as possible. This can help one understand the coffee photo shoot better.

These tips should go a long way in taking the perfect photo. Furthermore, one should keep in mind that the photo shoot is only as good as the hardware sued. Thus, a good camera should never be substituted for a phone camera. It does not work.

3d Printed tools are Changing Photography

3D Photo booths now possible

Photography is one of the oldest and most enduring art forms of art. Since the invention of the camera, many people have gone to great lengths to capture some of our planet’s most beautiful moments. The technological revolution has also tremendously increased the capabilities of cameras. This revolution has not come cheap. Most cameras and the accessories can be very expensive.

3D Printing and Photography

The continued proliferation and increased functionality of 3D printing could not have come at a better timer for photographers. When you are buying a professional camera, you will notice that purchasing it is usually quite expensive. In addition, the accessories can cost an arm and a leg.

New Props made via 3d printing

3D technology has really aided in a big way. Now photographers can download templates online and print them from the comfort of their home. This means that the entire art form has become much cheaper. In addition, you can customize these accessories as you would like. For instance, if your line of work entails taking photos from very awkward positions, there might be no props in existence to support your specific needs. This is where 3D technology comes into play. Of course getting the best iterations will require the use of the best 3d printer you can afford. Our friends at are always on top of the best models and industry trends.

Photos are no longer two dimensional

3D printing has also changed how people think of photographs. Traditionally, a photo has been thought of as being two-dimensional. However, the latest technological innovations are turning photos into 3D. As of now, there are photo booths in the world that allow you to have a 3D printed figurine of yourself in just minutes. It is quite clear that how photos are taken now is going to be radically different from the future.

The best part about 3D photography is how cheap it has become. This is in part due to how many people have continued to invest in this technology. If you are a professional photographer, you should definitely look into 3D printing technology.

{ happy fathers day }

Happy Fathers Day

In the hustle and bustle of being out of town over the weekend, I didn’t have an internet connection to post about Father’s Day. My folks still live in LA so I try and get down there whenever I can. So it’s always a good thing when I book those LA weddings. LOL

To my Dad, Happy Father’s Day!!! You have been there for me as I followed my dream of being a photographer, supporting me 100% all the way. Thanks for being a great dad and loving me and mom. I remember days of basketball (which I was never good at), being my coach, teaching me to drive on Pismo beach, playing baseball in the backyard, getting ice cream on the way back from school, your advice, and our many family trips. Thanks so much for all the things you have taught me, shown me and most of all, have done with me. Those were great times and I look forward to many more. I can go on and on about the many great things we have done together. Your the best dad in world and I am proud to be your son.

Here’s a shot of my folks in Hawaii this past spring, taken at my cousin’s wedding.

My Parents